Make it Personal

Anthea conducts an initial audit and overview of each client’s wardrobe in their home to evaluate the big style picture. She reviews the pieces on high rotation through to the items taking up space at the back of the closet. Together with clients she combs through all cupboards and drawers reviewing everything before organizing their wardrobe in a logical and easy to use manner.

Anthea’s down to earth nature and accessible fashion voice allows for an easy rapport with clients. Imparting tips and advice throughout this at home session, Anthea delivers innovative and practical style solutions from the first appointment.

Following the Wardrobe Audit, Anthea makes
a retail appointment with clients.

Lets Go Shopping

The Audit enables Anthea to devise a tightly edited shopping list of clothing pieces needed to fill the gaps, whilst also offering a new season’s update. The retail appointment is targeted and tailored for each client.

Utilising Anthea’s contacts and insider knowledge, time spent shopping together is efficient and results orientated.

Anthea’s end goal is to craft a well-edited core wardrobe and strong sense of style that makes getting dressed every day, and for every occasion, super easy.

“My goal is to create a tightly edited line up of pieces that all work together.”

Anthea O’Connor